7 Special Effects that Look Awesome in Photos and Video

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When editing a photo or video, adding special effects can give your content a wow factor and stimulate your audience's recall of information. Here are 7 special effects that look awesome in photos and video to level up your work and make your content more entertaining and memorable.

7 Special Effects that Look Awesome in Photos and Video
To solidify the message of your photos and videos and have a consistent aesthetic, you can develop special effects through props or digital alteration. Whether you want floating text, film-like filters, or create things out of thin air, these effects can transform your plain content into an aesthetically appealing work.

Fog Effect 
You don't have to splurge on smoke machines when you can use smoke bombs to make colorful air swirls. Pick your favorite colors to change the mood of your video clips and images dramatically. 

If the wind is making it a bit hard for you to control the smoke bombs, a bit of special effects editing can enhance the effect on your smoke bomb photos.

3D Floating Text
Developing new ways to attract viewers is one of the key tips for staying relevant on social media platforms. However, if you feel like animation, background changes, or film effects don't reflect your brand, you can enhance photos and videos using three-dimensional texts. 

Likewise, you can place the text next to your aerial shots or even a simple title to appear across an image's leading lines. If you're feeling a bit crafty, you can also make use of cutouts and letter standees instead of digital letters.  

Is your client looking for a more animated effect on photos and videos? Using After Effects, you can create a cool special effect to make your subject interact with itself. Make sure to shoot several takes of a particular pose or line to ensure a smooth transition.  

The same goes for pictures. You can clone a subject by putting together various poses of the subject in a single frame.  

Get Glowing
Did you know that about 40% of people respond better to visual information? If you're looking for ways to retain your audience's attention to your tutorials, adding something flashy might do the trick. 

Recreate the neon light effect you see in music videos and make your TikTok clips or dance videos colorfully illuminated. Wear neon bracelets or hold some sparklers as you twirl or jump, then draw glowing lights to accentuate your silhouette. 

Change the Sky
If you have a shot with a vast yet dull sky component, you can spice things up by changing the scenery. Maybe you can add flying birds or go the extra mile by creating a virtual world and completely changing the sky's color.  

Evil Face
Achieve your villain costume dreams with a bit of makeup and special effects editing. If you have a budget or time restrictions to do prosthetics at the shoot, you can incorporate crazy or fun face special effects in post-production instead. 

Film Scratches
Bring back the days of disposable cameras and vintage templates by adding some retro photo and video effects. The goal of this effect is to make your photos or videos appear electronically distorted. 

If you don't have a vintage camera, there are phone apps with filters that can put visual elements such as scratches, grain, and dirt to provide a nostalgic, VHS-like feel to viewers.

Special effects like these, especially when excellently done, will leave an impact on your audience. Creating these special effects and props may take some time, so make sure to watch tutorials first, take some classes, or hire a special effects expert to ensure you'll get a polished work.