Adjusting To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Author: Potential Films Inc | | Categories: Drone Videography , TV Production , Video Production Company

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With the pandemic, people could not handle a lot of tasks that they otherwise found quite usual. People were, in general, averse to meeting and interacting with one another in person. Unfortunately, our industry thrives on in-person interactions, and most of the movies and films need people to be working together or at least communicating in close-proximity. Judging by the way that the pandemic is progressing, it seems like COVID-19 will impact my business negatively because half of our jobs within the production company is to meet our clients face to face. Furthermore, with a lot of locations closed, it stops us from doing our job and creating content for clients.

COVID has made our business interactions a little strange as it stopped us from interacting with clients and meeting new ones at events. Networking is 70% of our business, and as we are not doing that, our productivity slows down, which is making business quite challenging.

Coronavirus brought with it a lot of changes to companies, including the way they were operating in the past. While we used to meet people and talk to them in person, now all we do is send emails and make phone calls. We have learned that face-to-face communication is the key to gaining large clientele, but the circumstances have currently hit the brakes on that. Additionally, we have not made any changes to the hours that we spend working either; we do spend less time as we do not have that much on our plates at the moment.

We try to spend as little time in the office as possible, but we do get most of our work done, remotely. Additionally, we have to mention that there is a lot less work, so deadlines and timelines are not difficult to meet. Furthermore, video editing is done at a computer which provides me with the opportunity of getting the work done remotely, and anywhere. However, we did have rooms and space for specific shoots at the office, which we barely use.

We do make sure that the people we are working with are following the rules that have been put forth by the Government, and they are keeping themselves and everyone else is safe. We make sure that they wear their masks at all times and sanitize so we are all safe when we are in the area.

We have always been sharing confidential data with clients through email, pre-pandemic, as well as currently. We were using LinkedIn and trying to connect with a new client base, but overall, it has been Gmail and the phone. 

Currently, we are willing to have in-person meetings with clients because our city hasn’t locked down yet. Furthermore, the scene doesn’t seem very bad. However, we can only get through these meetings if our clients agree. For most clients against these meetings, we are open to video conferencing through Zoom and Whatsapp as well. Additionally, I am open to taking part in virtual public events and business expos as well as we are working on pushing our brand out there.

The lockdown has been negative, as well as positive, at the same time. It forced me to think about other ways to gain revenue and empower my team while also giving me a lot of time to myself. It has been the break that no one asked for, but we are making the most of it.

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